Tips on Learning the Guitar

This post is going to document the things we came across online and the things we thought of ourselves that have helped us on our journey to learn the guitar. As we have only just started, this list is going to be short. We will add to it as we go along.
Firstly, get used to using metronome while practicing as this will help you to develop a steady rhythm. Adjust the tempo (BPM) to suit your preferred pace.
Be sure to know what type of guitar you have: electric, acoustic or classical. Once you know what type of guitar you have, look on Youtube to find out the correct way to hold it, especially how to hold the fret board and how to position the fingers onto the strings.
If the strings are old, a new set will improve the sound enormously, as I discovered. There are lots of websites online where you can buy them and lots of videos on Youtube to show you how to fit them. It's not difficult but take your time and keep checking. Once you have new strings installed you will need to tune them. Again, there are many videos on Youtube to help you do this. If you don't fit new strings you can improve the sound by lightly cleaning and oiling them and the fret board.
Print off the above chords sheet. Imagine you are looking up at the end of your fret board. The thin strings are on the right. This corresponds with the picture above. The black dots represent where the finger tips must go and the number inside each dots represents which finger to use. Push your finger tip (the very end not the flat part) onto the string right up towards the fret closest to you. Make sure you hold your hand like a claw, as though about to get hold of a tennis ball. Be sure to not touch the other strings.
A short tutorial on a lovely variable plucking pattern.
This video went very slowly through a couple of chords plus one strumming pattern. We then introduced other chords (D,A) to this lesson to practice, for the first time, switching from one chord to the other.
This is a very nice little tune to get you started on co-ordinating plucking and note fingering.
Another short and sweet little guitar tune to learn in a day or two.

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