Tips on Learning the Violin

This post is going to document the things we came across online and the things we thought of ourselves that have helped us on our journey to learn the violin. As we have only just started, this list is going to be short. We will add to it as we go along.

Firstly, get used to using metronome while practicing as this will help you to develop a steady rhythm. Adjust the tempo (BPM) to suit your preferred pace.
You need to apply some Rosin to your bow otherwise it won't produce any sound. If the Rosin doesn't stick to the bow it might be because the bow is too dirty or greasy, in which case you will need to clean it. Avoid touching the hairs otherwise grease from your hands will stick to them.
Now you need to tune your violin.
Before using the bow, make sure it is tightened to the correct tension. The tension should be increased for playing and relaxed for storing. Adjust the tension at the bottom of the bow.
Before trying to play the violin, find out how to hold it correctly.
The thing that made all the difference for us is to make sure you stand up straight.
Then you need to know how to hold the bow correctly.
There are lots of other videos that show you how to hold the violin bow but this one I found the best. It made me realise how important it is to create tension between the index finger/little finger and the thumb. This creates the grip needed to keep the bow from moving about.
The man in the video above is so funny you will be laughing all the way through. He's a very talented violinist too and covers lots of topics.
This video takes you through all of the notes of the violin and is very clear and easy to follow.
It's a bit difficult to see what he's doing with his fingers but give it a go and you will probably be able to work it out anyway. It's easier than you might think to find the correct notes. Once you've learnt the basic tune you can then practice different styles of it to learn difficult bow strokes. See this video for the different variations you can try. You can also make up your own variations.
This is quite simple but watch other video tutorials as none are clear enough on their own. The lines represent the strings as you see them looking at the violin neck and the numbers represent the finger you use (1=index, etc).
There are a few variations of this violin arrangement and several videos but this is the best one. It's a bit strange at first to co-ordinate the two visuals but it will come.
This Irish polka is a good tune to learn as it covers a few strings quite easily. This video only covers the first half of the tune but the rest is available via the link at the end.
This can also be learnt quite easily on the Irish whistle.
There are many videos on how to make the vibrato sound but they all seem to give different advice and many are very long-winded. To save time, watch this lady give very simple instructions:
This is a nice short video on four different bow stroke techniques
I have struggled to hold the violin correctly and found I was bending my left wrist at the neck of the violin. This video helped to teach me how to hold the violin correctly.

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