Learning the Irish Whistler
No.2 Lottie - The Kerry Polka

This is Lottie playing the Kerry Polka on the Irish Whistle in the hazy Spanish sunshine.
It took a long time to get this recording as there are so many incessantly barking dogs everywhere. Luckily, we found a minutes silence and Lottie played the Kerry Polka without mistake. Well, I think there may be a slight amendment to the official version of the tune but hopefully no-one will mind.
We're enjoying learning the Irish whistle as it's so easy to pop in a bag...or basket. It's a little difficult to get the sound right every time. Maybe it's us or maybe it's our cheap whistles.
I wonder how far our playing travelled today. Over the hills and far away I imagine!
And I'm sure it made a nice change to the barking!

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